Pop princess Britney Spears will earn more than $10 million (GBP5.5 million) in merchandise alone during her European tour.

The TOXIC singer, who begins the five week tour in London next Monday (3MAY04), will get to keep half of the huge sum - according to SIGNATURE NETWORKS, the firm handling Britney products.

Signature boss DELL FURANO also reveals Britney's merchandising sales averaged $150,000 (GBP83,000) - $170,000 (GBP95,000) for each night of her recent 25 date North American ONYX HOTEL tour, during which her career merchandise sales reached the $30 million (GBP16.6 million) mark.

Furano says, "Many times what happens is, as your audience ages, you still can sell tickets and albums, but your merchandise sales will start to decline.

"With Britney, as she's gone to an older audience, her audience is still as passionate about her. Ultimately, merchandise is a reflection of the passion they feel for the artist and the show."

26/04/2004 21:32