Britney Spears will start married life in Malibu, California, after buying a $6.9 million (GBP3.8 million), eight bedroom home.

The home, which was billed as the perfect place to stage a wedding in among its sales points, features an outdoor kitchen, spa, gym and landscaped gardens.

It's likely to become Spears and new husband Kevin Federline's main home after the pop star sold her other Los Angeles mansion and put her New York apartment on the market.

Spears' mother LYNNE enthuses, "Britney and Kevin have a brand new beautiful home which they are going to be moving into.

"Besides being a gorgeous house, the location is actually what we love about it most. It reminds us of the kind of landscaping you would find in rural Mississippi with the creek, trees and overgrown greenery."

04/10/2004 02:51