Britney Spears' bitter love rival Shar Jackson was desperately trying to patch things up with boyfriend Kevin Federline when he announced he was dating the pop superstar.

The actress, who is eight months pregnant with dancer Federline's second child, was keen to work out their shattered relationship when her boyfriend confessed to romancing the TOXIC star, who he was smitten with.

Jackson says, "He told me, 'I messed up,' and, 'Where do we go from here?' It was very much, 'How do we get through this?' and a week later we were through it."

Jackson admits her second pregnancy has been tough due to the split because her two-year-old daughter misses her daddy: "Hearing her ask for daddy and he's not there, that's the only part that hurts."

The actress has also fought illness through the pregnancy, which she claims was worsened by the split.

She says, "It wasn't necessarily because of this. I was having a bad time anyway. The impact of all of this when it first started, it was a scary point in the pregnancy. That's when he (Federline) just went overseas."

Meanwhile, strong Jackson is keen to move on and prove, "There is life after Kevin, and I'm living it."

During an interview on American TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, she wore a T-shirt with the words, 'Tell your boyfriend I said thanx,' written on it.

01/07/2004 09:29