Britney Spears is fulfilling her promise of a "wild and adult" live show - her show in Miami last night (28MAR04) has been deemed her most raunchy ever.

The 22-year-old singer - who has returned to her ONYX HOTEL tour after having to cancel dates because of an injured knee - was seen dressed in pink underwear, stockings and suspenders, writhing suggestively on a bed, and gyrating her crotch in the face of a male dancer, who also grabbed her breasts.

She also performed in a frilly corset and knickers with nearly naked female dancers who rubbed up against her bottom and legs, and appeared to be naked in a bathtub whilst singing her ode to masturbation, TOUCH OF MY HAND.

During the gig at the AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA, Spears hinted at the trouble she has had trying to maintain her early success, telling the audience, "The last couple of months have been kind of a rollercoaster. There have been a lot of ups, a lot of downs."

She then joked, "Any of you guys feeling lucky? Because if you are lucky I might marry you," referring to her short lived marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander earlier this year (JAN04).

29/03/2004 18:17