Britney Spears made a desperate bid to win the approval of fiance KEVIN FEDERLINE's parents, during a tense first meeting at her future in-laws' home.

Federline introduced Spears to his parents last month (JUN04) - shortly after announcing their engagement after a whirlwind romance.

But COLLETTE and MICHAEL FEDERLINE are still upset by the way their son jilted pregnant ex-partner Shar Jackson to be with Spears - and gave her a frosty reception.

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR, "Kevin waited a long time to introduce Britney to Collette and his dad Michael because he knew she would have a hard time winning them over. Britney's not really their type of girl.

"Britney was so excited about the meeting - she was convinced his parents would instantly love her. She was a bit naive."

Federline's mother reportedly interrogated Spears over a home-made dinner - but the singer stood her ground.

The source adds, "Collette's old fashioned and she let Britney know how she felt about Shar Jackson, the pregnant girlfriend Kevin left to be with Britney.

"Britney looked hurt by the hostile reception, but Kevin was stroking her thigh and squeezing her hand and he answered a lot of the questions on her behalf. He told her if it got too awkward they could leave.

"But she told Collette it was the real thing and that she was definitely going to make it work.

"She asked for her help organising the reception and even promised to make 'the best grandkids' for them - which seemed to soften the mood."

08/07/2004 14:02