Britney Spears' love for low-rise jeans is being challenged by lawmakers in her native Louisiana - and it could lead to legal troubles.

Authorities in the state are tired of young girls' penchant for wearing thong-showing, low-slung jeans - promoted by stars including Britney, CHRISTINA AGUILERA and JENNIFER LOPEZ - and they're pushing a bill to outlaw the fashion.

State representative DERRICK SHEPHERD insists he's sick of the sight of underwear creeping over the top of Louisiana youngsters' trousers - and he's hoping to fine cheeky kids $500 (GBP278) if they insist on following Britney's example.

He says, "The community's outraged and if parents can't do their job - if the can't regulate what their children wear - then there should be a law."

06/05/2004 09:21