The fall that prompted Britney Spears to cancel her summer tour (04) was caught by a rock band filming their debut video nearby.

The pop superstar fell to the ground while filming dance sequences for her new video OUTRAGEOUS earlier this month (JUN04) and though the paparazzi on the set captured glimpses of Britney's pain, a video crew caught the full extent of the drama.

And they've handed their footage to MTV.

Little-known rock act NO MATCHING DRAPES were filming a music video two blocks away from Britney's set and decided to check out their superstar neighbour.

The cheeky rockers even decided to shoot their promo with Britney in the background - so it looked like she was appearing in their video.

And when video director BRUNELLE yelled "Action!" Spears fell to the ground. The group then captured the fuss following the fall.

23/06/2004 01:52