Britney Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander only agreed to sign a marriage annulment after their impromptu wedding because he had no idea it would also mark the end of their relationship.

In January (04), Spears shocked her fans when she walked down the aisle with childhood pal Alexander in an early-morning ceremony in American gambling haven Las Vegas.

But the unexpected union came to an abrupt end just 55 hours later, when it was annulled, according to Alexander, at the urging of the TOXIC singer's relatives, who felt they should spend six months together as just boyfriend and girlfriend and re-marry if they were sure about their feelings.

And Alexander was distraught when he eventually learned that they'd no longer even be pals.

He says, "We really never had a chance to talk about it 'cause I wasn't (thinking) that this annulment was gonna totally end our relationship, friendship and I would never see her again.

"I was taking this as, 'I'll do this and be respectful to her family and my family also (for) going about the marriage the way we did and not telling anybody about it.

"And the fact that we would get to spend time together and maybe see if the feelings were real at the time. It was a quick marriage, moving fast. So we wanted to gather our thoughts and see if everything that (we) were feeling was real, or whatever."

After the annulment papers were signed, Alexander left to go back to his native Louisiana and has yet to regain contact with Spears, who is now engaged to dancer Kevin Federline.

13/09/2004 21:41