Pop princess Britney Spears is allegedly furious with America's ESQUIRE magazine for printing a revealing photo of her - even though her brother BRIAN was present at the shoot in question.

The BOYS singer's dealings with Esquire have been tense ever since she posed for other magazines, while editor DAVID GRANGER thought he had an exclusive deal with her.

And now she's far from happy with snapper James White's new pictures, in which she mimics a famous 1966 Angie Dickinson photo pose, standing sideways in a skin-tight sweater and white stilettos with her backside bared.

A magazine insider tells gossip website PAGE SIX, "Britney thinks the pictures are too naked and is really angry at Esquire.

"But really, is she out of her mind? I mean, her brother was at the shoot.

"Exploited? Is she crazy? Look at the photos she has done for everyone else. The ROLLING STONE cover was practically naked, too - but she wasn't exploited by them?"

10/10/2003 19:06