Pop babe Britney Spears pulled out all the stops to make sure her brother BRYAN had a great engagement party.

The BABY, ONE MORE TIME singer even chartered a private jet to fly herself, her family and close friends to the bash last week (ends18APR03), to mark Bryan's engagement to girlfriend LAUREN.

The star's mum LYNNE says, "We arrived at 9pm, just in time to surprise the two of them. We all brought gag gifts.

"A magician named MAGIC, who they had met previously, followed them to the party. He amazed everyone with his tricks. At least I think - no, I hope - they were tricks! Britney said this guy was so good, it was scary!

"Britney really surprised Lauren and Bryan. They were so happy to see all of us. We left that night at 1am. It was the best party!"