Pop star Britney Spears has been forced to conquer her fears of the paranormal for her latest video - because it's being shot in a haunted house.

The chart beauty is filming the promo for her new single - a cover of the 1988 Bobby Brown hit MY PREROGATIVE - at the notorious Paramour estate in Los Angeles, which is officially listed as a haunted building.

Britney's mother, LYNNE, says, "There's a spooky story behind this home. The owner told us it's even scarier at night, so Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn, and her friends came to visit the set after dark.

"We all had so much fun browsing through the house and hearing stories about different areas on the property."

Britney's older brother BRYAN has a cameo in the video which sees the sexy singer marrying a look-alike of Kevin Federline, her real-life fiance.

25/08/2004 17:24