LATEST: Pop superstar Britney Spears's ex-husband Jason Alexander was arrested for taking part in a bar room brawl competition called WHIP ASS WEDNESDAY last October (03).

Alexander - who was married to the I'M A SLAVE 4 U singer for just 55 hours following a drunken binge in Las Vegas at the weekend (3JAN04) - was detained after the fight spilled into the street outside CHEVVIES bar in Hammond, Louisiana, America.

Local bar security guard CHRIS GAUTIER says, "He didn't want to fight because he was on a date with a girl. But the guys kept on at him so eventually he took off his shirt, signed a waiver and put some gloves on.

"It was a really tough fight and the organisers had to stop it.

"Jason came out on top but not before the police had arrived and sprayed him with pepper spray to try and disperse them."

Jason, who grew up with Britney, has a reputation as a wildman in his home town of Kentwood, Louisiana and has also been arrested for punching a man he suspected was making advances on his girlfriend."

07/01/2004 14:00