Britney Spears' burly minders are getting the pop babe into trouble again, this time unceremoniously shoving the publisher of prestigious ROLLING STONE magazine at a recent performance.

The BOYS singer features on the magazine's current cover, clad just in white knickers, and the issue contains an explosive interview in which she airs her views on ex-love Justin Timberlake and alleged flame Fred Durst.

The magazine even saluted its sexy covergirl at a party at New York's PIER 59 last week (ends19SEP03), where she performed a song from her upcoming album to massive applause.

But as she was leaving, a source tells the PAGE SIX website, "Her bodyguards formed a phalanx around her and shoved everyone in front of her out of the way. It was like she was the president or something. ROB GREGORY was shoved aside along with everyone else."

Earlier this month (10SEP03) Britney's bodyguard MAURICE ELDRIDGE was accused of tearing up WASHINGTON POST journalist REILLY CAPPS' notes after catching him chatting with the singer's grandmother.

24/09/2003 17:40