Britney Spears' protective mother LYNNE has given her blessing to fiance Kevin Federline.

Lynne and Federline met for the first time after Britney hurt her knee on a video shoot last month (JUN04) - and the singer's mum is convinced they are perfect for each other.

Nevertheless dancer Federline admits he was nervous about the first meeting - five minutes before the singer went into the operating theatre.

Federline explains, "I said, 'Hi I'm Kevin. How are you doing?'

"Then she stayed with Brit, and I went with her brother (BRYAN) to breakfast, where he gave me the whole family speech. He told me what to look out for and not to be nervous. It helped a lot. Later on that night I finally got to sit down and talk to her mom. We hit it off from the start."

And Lynne was impressed with her daughter's choice of husband - the pair are expected to marry in November (04).

She says, "They have good karma. I think they are a good fit."

And Lynne insists their whirlwind romance - they have only been dating for three months - won't hamper their chance of happiness: "You can't put a time schedule on relationships. My best friend got married within six months and they've been together 28 years... It's all a risk."

14/07/2004 14:02