Pop beauty Britney Spears is desperate to have a child by the time she is 28.

The I'M A SLAVE 4 U singer also insists she'd support her children if they decide to follow in her footsteps and take up a career in pop.

Britney, 21, says, "I dream about having a child. I want to have a baby by 28 at the latest.

"If they really wanted a pop career there would probably be nothing I could do to stop them. But I think it would be better for them to follow their own dreams and do what they really wanted to do."

Although Britney promises to support her child, the singer admits her own world-trekking adventures have left her exhausted and suffering from stomach pains.

She adds, "Sometimes it all really wears me down. Then I most like to go home and rest.

"I did that in 2002 after I had been on tour non-stop for the past three years. I just needed some time to build my strength back up. But even then I could only spend four weeks with my family."

13/10/2003 17:01