Superstar singer Britney Spears loves to load up on cheap clothes and cosmetics - with a $2 (GBP1.30) bottle of perfume a particular favourite.

But the blonde beauty, who is worth millions, admits she does like to pamper herself with expensive purchases too.

She explains, "I have this cologne perfume which is called SENSUALITY that I like. I actually found it for two dollars in the supermarket!

"(It's) not because I'm cheap and I only want to spend two bucks. I won't say I don't like to go to the beautiful boutiques and to indulge myself. I fully admit that I do - I like it when my stylist takes me to CHANEL.

"But you can be sure that when we're finished I'm going to rush to the next supermarket to get a T-shirt for $4 (GBP2.60) and to load my bag with plenty of small simple products - those that make me feel natural and pretty."

29/08/2003 17:19