Britney Spears has laughed off reports she is pursuing a relationship with Cameron Diaz's ex-Jared Leto in a bid to get revenge on her former lover JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.

The ME AGAINST THE MUSIC beauty, 22, was snapped on a night out with hunky Leto, 31, just after her CRY ME A RIVER ex was spotted kissing his new girlfriend Diaz in public last August (03) - but Britney is horrified people think she and the Panic Room actor had ulterior motives.

She says, "The Jared Leto thing. I'm not trying to date him. I'd never do that - I don't even think that way.

"But the way they put it on the cover of a magazine, as 'Britney's Revenge' - I saw that and I was like, 'Oh, no!'"

12/12/2003 17:16