Pop princess Britney Spears believes marrying childhood sweetheart JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE would have been "the biggest mistake of my life".

Pop's golden couple split last year (02) after a long romance, and despite being heartbroken at the time the BOYS singer now believes its "healthy" that they went their separate ways.

The I LOVE ROCK N'ROLL beauty explains, "I think I got way too serious, way too young. It's very healthy to not be in that relationship now.

"There are some people, especially where I come from, and they marry really early. I'll call up a friend and say, 'Hey! What's going on? You're pregnant? What? Already?' But that's where I come from and that's the mindset I had all my life."

Now older and wiser, Britney ponders, "Now I think, 'Whoah, that would have been the biggest mistake of my life.'"

05/08/2003 17:14