Britney Spears claims her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and chart rival Christina Aguilera have "great chemistry".

The CRAZY singer, 21, insists she's genuinely happy about Timberlake and Aguilera's current STRIPPED + JUSTIFIED joined tour, and says she was even more impressed when the pair posed together for a recent front cover of ROLLING STONE magazine.

In an exclusive interview with American tabloid the STAR, she says, "When I saw it, my immediate reaction was, 'That's hot.' They have a great chemistry.

"It's a great promotional thing for the two of them, and Christina and I are totally friends. When we were in the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB we were best friends - inseparable.

"One night we'd sleep over at my house, the next night at hers.

"I'd love to be able to sit down and talk to her now - but we're both so busy, we don't have the time."

26/06/2003 02:18