Britney Spears refuses to take advice from anybody - except her new pal Madonna.

The ME AGAINST THE MUSIC singer, 21, became close friends with the 45-year-old pop icon after they shared a headline-grabbing kiss at August's (03) MTV Video Music Awards. And Britney now admits nobody else's advice matters to her like Madonna's does.

She says, "I don't listen to anybody. Nobody can tell me anything. I'm stubborn. If somebody tells me not to do something, I do it.

"But I do listen to Madonna. For some reason I listen to her. I know that sounds really silly.

"It's nice to have somebody just to ask questions to. She's a visual artist and a deep artist as well. I like the way she thinks. I wish I could be inside her head.

"I like Madonna's career, and what she's done with her family."

03/11/2003 21:14