Sexy singer Britney Spears has named Irish hellraiser Colin Farrell as her dream bad boy - despite her claims she rejected his advances when they went out on a date together.

The 21-year-old BOYS singer sparked a media frenzy when she showed up on the arm of Farrell at the Hollywood premiere of his flick The Recruit earlier this year (03).

She coos, "He projects bad boy, but I think he's adorable. I've met his mother and sister and they're so nice.

"He's absolutely, insanely gorgeous. We talked on the phone two weeks ago, but we were just friends, nothing serious."

And while they were photographed enjoying a passionate embrace on the night they stepped out together, Britney insists things didn't advance beyond the realm of innocence.

She says to American tabloid the STAR, "Did we hook up? We had like a peck! Make out? I wish.

"Me and Colin had fun, but I'm not the kind of person to...

"What I mean is I can't date. I know if I like you or if I don't. It's either there or not.

"I don't want a boyfriend right now, period. I'm just having fun and my work is my hobby."

26/06/2003 02:18