LATEST: The businessman at the centre of Britney Spears' bid to fund future ventures with Middle East millions has slammed reports he has booked the pop superstar to dance for super rich sheikhs - for $4 million (GBP2 million). founder Sheeraz Hasan was named as the brains behind a bid to land Spears a one-off erotic dancing gig in Dubai, but he insists his plans to take the Toxic singer on a lucrative business trip to the Middle East had nothing to do with such a sleazy performance. Angry Hasan says, "I spoke to Britney over the phone and discussed taking her to Dubai. She has a movie script, a TV project, a hotel and nightclub venture and she was seeking funding. "I had a group of people who would help her finance these projects. "She was very excited. We were about to take her to Dubai a week before she went into hospital in February (08). "She is not going to Dubai to dance erotically for $4 million. It's completely false." And Hasan also takes issue with the racist undertone of the article, published in British newspaper the Daily Star. He adds, "I take great offence to the fact Muslims are referred to as 'hairy old men' with 'golden teeth and burnt toes' in the article. "The guys I do business with are all clean-cut billionaires. They mean business. When Britney gets to Dubai she will be meeting some of the world's greatest business minds." Hasan reveals he is seeking legal counsel and is considering suing the publication.