Britney Spears cried real "tears of joy" and appeared to be completely sober when she married Jason Alexander last weekend (ends4JAN04), according to an onlooker.

Despite Britney's explanation that the ceremony at the LITTLE WHITE CHAPEL in Las Vegas, Nevada, was a "joke gone too far", SILAS WALKER insists the BOYS singer seemed perfectly aware of what was happening during her bizarre wedding.

Walker, who was queuing with girlfriend STEPHANIE RODGERS to collect a marriage license behind the 22-year-old singer, insists "Britney did have tears of joy. They were not drunk. They were not intoxicated, they were very happy people."

And Jason's former girlfriend CORIE MILLER also claims he married Britney because he loved her and had a broken heart when the marriage was annulled 55 hours later.

She says, "He's shocked about it all. I think he sincerely cares about her. He really does. He thought it would last."

07/01/2004 17:04