Pop star Britney Spears wants to move to London, because she feels "anonymous" there.

The OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN singer is currently searching for properties so she can set up home in the British capital, just like her mentor Madonna.

And despite the infamous persistence of the British paparazzi, Britney insists the shopping facilities more than make up for it.

She gushes, "Oh, I love London! I have to get a place there. It's the one place that I feel anonymous.

"I know you're all like, 'The press is crazy,' but I love it. When I'm not working, that's where I feel at home. I love the clothes, the shops.

"I have a lot to experience in England."

And when asked whether she would consider dating an English man, Britney emphatically replied, "Oh yes!"

29/10/2003 21:22