Pop beauty Britney Spears made such an impression on British chat show host GRAHAM NORTON - the gallant TV presenter gave up his dressing room for her.

Norton - who recently signed a deal with American TV network COMEDY CENTRAL - was thrilled when Britney agreed to appear on his risque show during her recent whistle stop tour of Britain to promote new single ME AGAINST THE MUSIC.

So when Britney politely asked if she could have a bigger dressing room for her and her entourage - Norton was more than happy to move out of his own plush quarters.

A source says, "Britney is one of the biggest stars Graham has had on. Graham has the biggest room so it was politely asked if Britney could have it. He was more than pleased to keep her happy.

"She is really down-to-earth and sweet when you meet her so the production crew didn't mind dealing with her demands, unlike other stars who have been on the show."

28/10/2003 14:16