Troubled pop beauty Britney Spears has turned to Christianity to help solve her problems - on her father JAMIE's insistence.

The 22-year-old ME AGAINST THE MUSIC singer has caused her close-knit family much anguish over the last few months, after marrying childhood pal Jason Alexander in Las Vegas and being repeatedly photographed drunk and smoking.

But since the furore surrounding the annulled marriage died down, Britney's close relatives have been trying to save her career and prevent her from totally breaking down.

A source tells British tabloid THE DAILY MAIL, "With her father's guidance, Britney realised she'd reached a spiritual low and that God was the only answer.

"Her family told her that they loved her very much but that they couldn't stand by and watch her destroy her life and her career.

"They told her she needed to get back on her feet and return to traditional values, and that included Christianity."

16/02/2004 13:48