Britney Spears got so sick of being followed around for a new documentary, she slipped away from the camera crew to record herself in private.

The hour-long documentary BRITNEY SPEARS: IN THE ZONE, which aired in America last night (17NOV03), features Spears performing songs from her new album IN THE ZONE and alternative versions of classics like BABY ONE MORE TIME.

But being followed around by a camera crew for two weeks left Britney, who was also acting as producer, exhausted - so she took off for a solo taxi ride with a camera.

Sitting alone as the yellow cab drove her around New York, Britney revealed, "I'm kind of a private person. I love what I do but I like being alone. I like to be free, freedom.

"Sometimes it's just the little things that make me feel simple again. I need to get back to reality and all this stuff goes away. It's just yourself and your soul that you have to deal with.

"You wanna walk down the street and feel free. I'm living my dream and it's awesome but you want those moments when you feel completely anonymous."

18/11/2003 17:20