Britney Spears can't understand why tabloid reporters have turned on her for reportedly breaking up a romance, while Julia Roberts escaped their wrath for doing exactly the same thing. Speaking on US news show DATELINE last night (15JUN06), the pop superstar revealed she was taken aback by the tabloid attacks levelled at her after she appeared to steal husband Kevin Federline away from his pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson. Spears maintained she knew nothing about Federline's romance when she started dating him, and later discovered he and Jackson had separated before he started courting the pop star. Mistakenly thinking Roberts' husband DANNY MODER was a father when he left his wife and started dating the PRETTY WOMAN star, Spears questioned, "That happened with Julia Roberts too but it's more talked about and more of an issue with me. "Her (Roberts') husband (Moder) was married and had kids when they first got together, (but) for some reason it's like, 'Boom, in your face' when it happens with me and it's really none of anybody's business." Moder was married to make-up artist VERA STEIMBERG when he first met Roberts on the set of The Mexican in 2001. They divorced in 2002, only two months before his marriage to the Oscar-winning actress.