Troubled popstar Britney Spears has been dealt the ultimate embarrassment by America's PEOPLE magazine - she's been named one of the worst dressed celebrities.

To make matters worse, Spears' ex lover Justin Timberlake's new girlfriend Cameron Diaz was lauded for her stunning fashion decisions.

Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, Renee Zellweger and Halle Berry all won praise for their impeccable taste in clothes, whereas the OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN singer joined actresses Tara Reid and Lara Flynn Boyle on the list of shame.

Friends beauty Jennifer Aniston was described as a "red carpet ruler" by the celebrity gossip bible who also named Kate Hudson, Kidman and Berry as women who always dress stylishly on big promotional nights out.

Jennifer Lopez got a mention along with Kelly Osbourne and Eve, as a star who would never allows her look to become stale.

12/09/2003 17:22