Pop beauty Britney Spears has been told to quit her hellraising lifestyle by boyfriend PHIL MALOOF - because he'll leave her if she doesn't.

Clean-living Maloof - who's been dating the OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN singer for the past month - hates drinking and smoking, and he expects Britney to follow his health-conscious example.

The stunning singer has been gradually undoing her former clean image recently - she's been spotted smoking cigarettes and partying into the early hours.

But, according to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper, sources claim 36-year-old Phil has issued a warning to his beau - "It's the booze and fags or me".

The insider says, "Phil doesn't smoke or drink and can't stand being around people who do.

"He's really fond of Britney but he has made it clear that he hates her smoking around him. He just can't envisage enjoying a long-term romance with someone who drinks and smokes.

"Britney got hooked on the fags because she's had a traumatic time lately. But she is desperate to quit and has told Phil she will try her best to kick the habit because she doesn't want to lose him."