Super-famous singing sensation Britney Spears now realises that in order to maintain a romantic relationship she has to be more discreet than she has been in the past.

However, the LUCKY star does not resent this inconvenience - as she is well aware of the many benefits there are to being a hugely successful singer.

She says, "I understand that I need to be very discreet about my private life. The lesson was difficult to learn, but I've had to get it through my head in order to have some peace in my life.

"I couldn't allow myself a real freedom of movement. I know that because of what I do I'll never live as openly as many girls my age. But, look at all the perks."

As for the men she is currently finds attractive she adds, "For some time I've felt attracted to men who really take care of themselves. The real men. That might seem weird, maybe even stupid, but this is the truth!"

29/08/2003 19:59