Despite her recent legal problems, Britney Spears has agreed to host a pre-Oscars bash in Beverley Hills next month.

The Toxic star made the headlines recently after a public standoff with police followed her refusal to hand over her two sons to the bodyguard of her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The 26-year-old was then hospitalised under the influence of "an unidentified substance", according to local police.

However Spears has chosen to combat the suspension of her visitation rights to her children by agreeing to host Danish business Claus Hjelmbak's Scandinavian Style Mansion party on February 16th.

She last hosted the event in December 1st during which she clashed with one-time friend Paris Hilton.

"Britney has said 'yes,' to hosting it," Hjelmbak told People. "I am beyond excited because the experience she gave everyone in December was amazing. She absolutely made my event."

Hjelmbak accompanied Britney and friend Sam Lufti as they went on an early morning shopping excursion, with the troubled starlet bizarrely clad in ripped tights and a man's shirt.

"I know people will say it's weird she was shopping at 2am, but [clothing shop] Kitson said you guys can always come when you want," the Dane explained. "I just called the owner and said can we come over and they said 'sure'."

Four members of the paparazzi have been charged with reckless driving after chasing Spears' car on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Roberto Maciel, 31, Leandro Gomes, 30, Filipi Teixeira, 27, and Eduardo Ravalah, 34, were each ordered to pay $5,000 (£2,539) bail after following the singer's car too closely.

18/01/2008 11:27:57