Gorgeous pop princess Britney Spears is to be made into a raunchy waxwork model - complete with heaving chest.

London's MADAME TUSSAUD'S museum are making an image of the BOYS singer that features her in a sexy pole-dancing pose, with her back arched and chest thrust out.

They will also incorporate a "breathing" mechanism in the $73,000 (GBP52,000) likeness.

A source tells British tabloid The Sun, "For the first time we are installing balloons in her chest so her boobs heave in and out.

"She is hanging upside down in the pose and when the waxwork is unveiled it will give our male visitors one hell of a treat."

The model Britney will appear in the museum's BLUSH exhibit room, which also features a blushing Jennifer Lopez and a Brad Pitt complete with squeezable bum.

12/06/2003 01:50