Britney Spears proved she's the queen of pranks when she pulled a double `punk' on MTV's hit practical joke show.

The BOYS pop star first duped rapper Busta Rhymes into thinking she was considering a career as a rapper and then she joined master joker ASHTON KUTCHER to pull a prank on his crew in the finale of PUNK'D, which aired in America Monday night (05MAY03).

The Rhymes prank, filmed at New York's HUDSON HOTEL last week (ends02MAY03) was only set up to help Kutcher's crew pull a joke on the host, but little did they know - Britney already had a long-standing agreement with her actor pal to make sure neither of them became the subject of a Punk'd joke.

So when Britney told his crew she'd help them punk Kutcher, she merely only helped her pal to turn the gag on his pals.

A furious Kutcher threatened to sack his entire crew after he was manhandled by a burly bouncer - as part of the gag set up for him - and Britney just stirred things up among his worried crewmates by telling them that her friend was really serious.

A delighted Britney laughed and giggled as she plotted behind the scenes with Kutcher, prompting a proud Kutcher to exclaim, "I cannot be gotten," when he announced to his pals that his anger was just an act and he had no plans to axe a second series of the hit show, as he threatened.

07/05/2003 01:48