Britney Spears has pulled out of a high-profile American interview after being offered a special programme by a rival TV network.

The BOYS singer was slated to appear on NBC's DATELINE, where she was to be interviewed by Arnold Schwarzenegger's anchorwoman wife Maria Shriver.

But according to American gossip website PAGE SIX, Britney cancelled the much-publicised event when rivals ABC offered her her own special and lots of other PR perks.

A source tells Page Six, "Britney's manager pulled her cooperation from Dateline when ABC called up and promised her a huge prime-time holiday-season special.

"ABC pulled out all the stops for Britney. They see it as a war with NBC, and they want to win. ABC promised Britney her own special, plugs on GOOD MORNING AMERICA and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, and nonstop coverage of her new album."

ABC have now confirmed that Spears will be doing a special interview with Diane Sawyer on 13 November (03), although a representative for the sexy popstress had no comment.

18/08/2003 09:14