Former squeaky-clean pop princess Britney Spears insisted Madonna kiss her and Christina Aguilera at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS - in a bid to boost her career.

The BOYS singer, worried about her recent low profile, suggested the saucy idea during rehearsals for the awards ceremony held in NEW YORK on Thursday (28AUG03), and Madonna and Christina were only happy to oblige.

Madonna French-kissed both Britney and DIRRTY singer Aguilera at the end of a raunchy performance of LIKE A VIRGIN.

British tabloid DAILY STAR SUNDAY reports a source as saying, "She took the girls to one side at rehearsals and put the idea forward.

"The other two were more than happy to take part because they knew how much attention it would get - and thought it would be a good laugh. But it was a major departure for Britney because she had this girl next door tag.

"But she wants to show she's more of a woman than a girl - and she certainly showed them that."

31/08/2003 14:16