Britney Spears has lashed out at ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake over the way he broke the news to her she was going to feature in his CRY ME A RIVER video.

In the raunchy promo, Timberlake suggests Britney - played by a lookalike - broke his heart by cheating on him, before getting his own back by making love to another girl.

The sexy singer admits she was "shocked s**tless" when she saw the video for the first time, and is still angry about the way her Justin told her about his video.

She tells ROLLING STONE magazine, "He called me up and asked me if it was OK. He called me up and wanted supposedly to get back together or whatever, but behind it was, 'And by the way, you're in a video that's coming out.' That kind of got slipped in."

10/09/2003 09:12