LATEST: Britney Spears' latest stalker, DANIEL LECHAMP, is so determined to clear his name he's written nine love songs to reveal his feelings for the pop superstar.

The Canadian musician was arrested outside the home of Britney's mother in Kentwood, Louisiana, in April (04) and charged with stalking after allegedly pestering the singer's parents.

Lechamp pleaded no contest to two counts of stalking and was sent back home to his native Quebec, Canada, on probation and told to seek counselling.

And, though he insists he'll honour the terms of his probation, and stay away from Britney's hometown, he isn't giving up his dream of courting Spears.

After calling into American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE last month (AUG04) to plead his innocence, Lechamp has now appeared on the programme, during which he sang a heartfelt verse of a song to his celebrity crush.

He told the show's reporter, "Life's gonna bring us together, I know...I'll give what I have to give, everything I have."

Lechamp explained he has since shaved off his beard because he thinks it gave him the appearance of a stalker, but he insisted, "I'm not a stalker. To do stalking you need to do like months of proof that you're following the person. I just rang the bell at the (mother's) gate."

But Lechamp accepts he's a little odd: "I'm just a little bit crazy, maybe. You need to be crazy in life because it's keeping me from going insane."

17/09/2004 02:36