Sexy pop babe Britney Spears believes she is a bad flirt - even though she is often riding high in polls of the world's sexiest women.

The multi-million selling singer adds she believes the reason she is nervous with some people is because she is shy.

The I'M A SLAVE 4 U hitmaker explains, "I think if some guy thinks you're cute he may be intimidated and not come up. But I know when I meet people, if I like them I'll hit it off with them and start flirting.

"Actually, I'm a really bad flirt. Nooo, really. I get shy. It's weird because I think people think because of what I do I'm like, 'Da-na', but at heart I'm very shy."

Britney confirms, "When I'm in front of the camera I know what to do, but I get in a room, stuck with four guys, and I'm like the shyest girl in there."

06/08/2003 08:52