Britney Spears really doesn't seem to be getting the hang of this judging lark on 'X Factor,' namely the fact that it actually helps if you're around to judge the artists performing in front of you. The star played down reports that she'd walked off the show briefly last Thursday (May 24, 2012), straight after one of the contestants had performed one of her own songs, but how does she explain yet another exit?
US Weekly reports that an insider at the show told them "After a very popular contestant finished, Brit stood up and immediately walked towards the tunnel where judges enter," adding that there was no apparent reason for her leaving. Continuing, they said "Her bodyguards [and entourage] jumped up and ran after her. She was moving fast . . . It was odd." Spears did once again return however.
Much was made of the widely reported incident the day before which saw Spears leave the set, only for her to take to Twitter and write "Britney walks off??? Lol was just taking a little break people," she wrote. "I am having the Best time!!!" Judges are allowed to take breaks, although they don't normally do so quite as dramatically. Spears has signed a $15 million deal for this job, no doubt show mogul Simon Cowell will be starting to regret the money spent should she keep up this tomfoolery.