Britney Spears has laughed off claims that she stormed off of X Factor after one of the contestants butchered her song. Today (May 25, 2012), the Sun have posted a photo - seemingly taken from the audience of the audition show - with Britney's chair abandoned and empty. She claims she was simply taking a break, though a contestant can clearly still be seen onstage. Perhaps somebody needs to explain to her the rules regarding 'appropriate times to take a break when you are judging X Factor?'
30 year-old Britney walked off set after one of the talent show hopefuls performed a less-than-impressive rendition of her hit single 'Hold It Against Me.' Britney decided that that was as good a time as any to take a break and left Simon Cowell, La Reid and Demi Lovato to judge another four contestants without her. If Britney Spears is going to baulk at the first sign of someone ruining a Britney Spears song on X Factor, then she's going to find out, pretty quickly, that she has a very rocky road ahead of her.
However, she denies having walked off because of the earlier performance and posted a message of Twitter saying "Britneywalksoff??? Lol was just taking a little break people. I am having the Best time!!!" Britney seems to be showing some signs of enjoying herself though and took time out to praise the people of Texas for their musical prowess, saying "Texas has a lot of talent - seriously! Loving TheXFactorUsa auditions so far..." She might well be enjoying herself, however, but given that she's earning a reported $15 million to appear on the series, that was one pricey tea break she took.