Britney Spears feels pressured to look sexy in her music videos.

The singer has admitted she is sometimes uncomfortable with the raunchy image her management encourages her to adopt in order to sell records, and would love to keep things more PG for the sake of her two sons, Sean Preston, eight, and Jayden James, seven.

Her comments come after her new video, 'Work Bitch', was banned in the UK due to its kinky scenes featuring dancers being whipped in bondage gear.

In a radio interview on 'The TJ Show' on Boston's 103.3, Britney explained she had tried to tone things down, saying: ''I cut out like half the ['Work Bitch'] video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children, and it's just hard to play Sexy Mom while you're being a pop star as well. ... I just have to be true to myself and you know, feel it out when I do stuff. And just let them know, you know?''

Probed as to whether she was encouraged by her team, the 31-year-old star replied: ''Yes... A lot of sexiness goes into what I do, you know? But sometimes I would like to bring it back to the old days when there was, like, one outfit through the whole video, and you're dancing the whole video, and there's, like, not that much sexy stuff going on.

''It's about the dance. It's old school. It's, like, keeping it real and just making it about the dance. I'd love to do a video like that.''

However, the pop princess' father Jamie Spears - who was appointed her legal conservator after her breakdown in 2007 - and her manager LARRY RUDOLPH have now vehemently denied pressurising her to sexualise her music videos.

They told TMZ: ''Britney is never pressured into anything. She reviews all creative and for her 'Work Bitch' video she discussed toning down some parts in finding a balance of sexy and being a mom.''