Come on Britney Spears, what's wrong with you now? Considering you're getting a reckoned $15 million for this jaunt you sure are looking like you're having a time of it getting through the whole ordeal. That's' right, Spears once again stormed off the set of the 'X Factor' after someone covered one of her songs during the audition stage. Maybe she's just so flattered by these tributes that she doesn't know how to take them? Unfortunately it certainly didn't look that way as she headed off to her dressing room whilst a man - dressed partially as a woman - looked on aghast after covering '(You Drive Me) Crazy'.
People reports that Spears looked shocked throughout the performance and then headed off upon its completion. Fellow judges La Reid and Demi Lovato also headed off after Spears, leaving Simon Cowell to clear up the mess. "I don't think she quite understood your tribute," said Cowell to the distraught cross dresser who, like everyone else, cried at how hard he'd had to work to get to that stage. Obviously public transport links were bad in Greensbro, where the auditions were being held.
Spears did return though, and told the wannabe "I really respect the tribute," said Spears, trying desperately not to curl her top lip, "It was really nice."