Britney Spears' staff for her Las Vegas residency have reportedly been given a 'cheat sheet' of ''twisted'' answers to fans' questions.

Workers - who will have to sign a confidentiality agreement - have been given strict instructions of how to respond to concerns or queries ahead of the star's 'Britney: Piece of Me' show at Planet Hollywood.

An insider told ''We have been given a sheet which gives answers to questions that potential customers and such may ask when they book, like whether or not Britney will be singing live ... The answers are twisted and far from the truth.''

Employees at Planet Hollywood haven't had to sign their agreement yet, and one worker has revealed they have been told to ''sugarcoat'' their answers.

The source added: ''Once Britney actually gets to Planet Hollywood everyone will have to sign confidentiality agreements, but right now I can tell you the answers we've been given to any and all questions are extremely sugarcoated.''

The inside also discussed rumours the 'Work B***h' singer will be lip-synching - claims her manager has denied - and claimed Britney will use ''pre-recorded vocals'' for her performances.

They said: ''At the moment, she's set to pre-record vocals to use on stage rather than sing live.''