Britney Spears flirted with a string of handsome men for her 'Make Me' video.

The 'Piece of Me' hitmaker dropped the music video for her new single with G-Eazy, where she can be seen showing off her enviable figure in a series of racy outfits.

The video follows the blonde beauty as she and a group of friends audition men for the leading role in her video. Whilst some attempt to impress her with their singing skills, others wow with their dancing or by playing an instrument.

During one audition, the group pose for a selfie with a hopeful whilst Britney makes herself at home on the lap of one of the men.

But when the 34-year-old star locks eyes with the man she first laid eyes on whilst he was queuing up, their connection is instant as he leads her away to somewhere more private.

Her friends watch on with glee, smiling amongst themselves whilst Britney takes the man to bed. Once again, showing off her stunning curves, Britney lies there just in her underwear as the man showers her with kisses and affection but before it can get too heated, the director yells cut.

Elsewhere in the video, Britney dances in a series of risqué outfits including a black lace bodysuit and a white lace halterneck, which she teams with lingerie.

'Make Me' is the lead single of her upcoming studio album 'Glory'.