Britney Spears always takes her "fluffy pillow" on tour.

The 'Hold It Against Me' singer is about to embark on her worldwide 'Femme Fatale Tour' likes to have a few home comforts with her when she's travelling as it helps her relax.

She said: "When I am on tour, I must have my pillow from home, I have to have my fluffy pillow. And I love shabby chic, so I would like to have all my dressing rooms and my bus done with shabby chic so because that is what my house is done out of, so I have the same feel as my home."

The mother-of-two - who is set to marry her long-term boyfriend Jason Trawick, who will be her third husband - says she's looking forward to getting back on the road because she enjoys the nomadic lifestyle.

When asked if she had missed touring, Britney told UK TV show 'Daybreak': "Yes I have actually, it is a lifestyle, it is a way of life definitely. It can be kind of gruelling sometimes but for the most part, it is a lot of fun. You know, you are somewhere different everyday and you don't know what to expect and it's just a lot of fun."