Britney Spears' latest fragrance is ''more personal''.

The 35-year-old singer has launched a string of cosmetic products over the years, and she has more recently expanded her Private Show line to include VIP Private Show scent, which the blonde beauty has revealed is very different to the previous products in the collection.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her new creation, the 'Toxic' hitmaker said: ''The original Private Show celebrates one of my biggest passions - dancing - and I'm so excited to be able to take the fragrance to a more personal place with VIP Private Show.

''There's an amazing connection between a performer and the audience when you're putting on a show.''

And the 'Crossroads' actress has revealed with every individual perfume she created she tries to represent ''a different side of my personality''.

She explained: ''I love the idea helping people feel sexy, strong and confident, and I think my fragrances show that. Each of my fragrances represents a different side of my personality and my passions.''

And Britney has revealed she likes nothing more than taking some time out of her busy schedule by soaking in a relaxing bath or taking part in a yoga class, but only if she is not spending quality time with her sons Jayden, 10, and Sean, 11.

Speaking about what she does in her free time, she said: ''Take a relaxing bath or a yoga class, if I am not spending time with my boys. I need to have a little bit of ''me'' time, and a break from all the hectic activity helps keep me grounded.''

The music icon also ''loves'' to play ''dress up'' and sharing mock fashion shows on her social media accounts for ''fun''.

She said: ''That I just love playing dress up with clothes, and decided one day to have some fun putting on a fashion show with some of the dresses that I had just bought. I love doing these videos so much that now I can't stop! I do practice my walk.''