Britney Spears has revealed her dread at the prospect of being made fun of by millions as she looks to return to American TV screens for her role as a judge on the latest series of The X Factor USA.
Despite years and years of performing in front of thousands, the pressure of being a judge looks to have already gotten to her and she's 'nervous' that people are poking fun at her, according to Hollywood Life. Whilst it looks as though Britney has put her singing career on hold for now (and who can blame her, as being a judge and tending to thousands of hopefuls who want to do just what she's spent her life doing is definitely a full time job) it looks as though the years of experience she gain from performing can do nothing to quash her anxiety.
A source close to Britney on the show has revealed that her fiancé, Jason Trawick, is constantly by her side and backstage at many of the tapings, whereas head honcho Simon Cowell is apparently willing to do just about anything to accommodate her. The source revealed, "Simon's a big help and has bent over backwards for Britney and made every single accommodation Britney has requested."
Still, it seems that Brit is struggling to manage somewhat, but we hope for her sake and for the sake of the show that she finds a way to manage and is responded to as warmly as she should be by the audience.