Pop princess Britney Spears is so upset by fashion critics slating her dress sense, she has hired a $120,000 (GBP75,000)-a-year stylist.

Award-winning LORI GOLDSTEIN revamped Madonna's image for her TAKE A BOW video in 1994, and now the younger pop sensation hopes she can do the same for her.

Britney was particularly upset when one journalist called the $8,000 (GBP5,000) outfit she wore to an MTV party - a tiny mini-skirt, cropped t-shirt, rhinestone bow-tie, day-glow leggings and fedora hat - "an outfit clearly from hell". The jibe was particularly hurtful because the singer had styled and customised the outfit herself.

However, the OVERPROTECTED star's relationship with Lori - who has also worked with design giant VERSACE - has got off to a bad start. Britney has refused to wear certain outfits picked by the professional and is continuing to opt for her own ideas, regardless of press criticism.

06/07/2003 10:36