Britney Spears admits it's hard to give up the food she loves.

The 'Work Bitch' singer is due to begin her Las Vegas residency in December, which will see her performing nearly every night, and while she's working hard to get into better shape than ever for the concerts, Britney reveals it is a struggle to stay away from calorific treats such as pizzas.

She said: ''I ate six times today, so I'm not always diligent with the food because I love food. It's really hard [to cut down] but you know, you have to do it.

''I feel better though when I'm lighter, I do. My spirits are higher ... but it 's just, you love pizza sometimes. It just sucks, man ... it sucks.''

The 31-year-old star has signed a two-year residency deal with Planet Hollywood for 'Britney: Piece of Me' and she is looking forward to living in one place for a while after years of jet-setting across the globe.

She added to E! News: ''It seemed like the ideal job to me because I felt like when I was on tour, I'm in a different bed every night. It felt kind of ideal to be set in one place.''

However, the singer, who lives in California with her sons Sean Preston, eight, and Jayden James, seven, insists her move to Vegas isn't permanent.

Britney says the gambling capital will be her ''second home'', not her first.